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Finding Info on Hosting Customer Service

Look for an easy-to-use Help and FAQ section: 

Most hosting providers offer a Help and FAQ section on their Web site in an effort to provide quick answers to your questions and to avoid overburdening their customer support staff. But not all companies make these sections comprehensive, intuitive or easy to use. When evaluating a Web hosting providers’ overall customer service, it’s important to check out their Web site and see if they offer a repository of useful information in addition to time- and money-saving tips.

Inquire about money-back guarantees: 

It’s important to determine upfront if the hosting companies that you are investigating offer at least a 30-day money back guarantee for their service. If not, there is no reason to buy from them. As a hosting customer, you should be allowed to return any item if you are not pleased with the level of service you receive. (Note: typically domain name purchases are not refundable, as the names are pulled from a central registry that is shared across the Internet.)

Investigate who’s answering your support calls:

In order to meet the growing demand for cost-effective, 24/7 X 365 customer care, a number of Web hosting companies are outsourcing and shipping services overseas at an accelerated rate. Although there are perceived benefits to this practice, the bad far outweighs the good. We believe that because customer service is critical to the hosting business, it must be held to the highest standards of quality control, meaning it should definitely remain within the corporate domain. Local support helps to build trusted relationships and keep customer care consistent. So when looking for a Web hosting provider, never be afraid to ask the all-important question: who will answer my support call at 11pm on Christmas Eve?

Never settle for less than the best: 

Once you’ve decided on a Web hosting provider and you’re a full-fledged paying customer, it’s really important to remember that you deserve the highest quality and most consistent customer care. In addition to feeling like a number one priority at all times, you should feel confident that your hosting company will take the time to explain things to you in plain English, not just technical jargon. You also need to know that a real human being will answer the phone when you call, and that they will actually be an employee of the company with whom you have a hosting agreement. What’s the bottom line? Look for a reputable SEO expert company who will listen to you, support you in a way that you need to be supported and value your business — if you can find that, you can’t go wrong!

Many business people certainly don’t look forward to the time when a suitable web hosting provider must be chosen. And they have good reasoning behind it. This article is all about the pros and cons of web hosting companies – including the scams and some tips on how to avoid them. After reading this article, you should be more equipped when the time comes for you to make the big decision.

It is important to choose a reliable efficient and effective web host for your web business. You need to make sure that your web host offers all the features that you would require for your business web site.

The Benefits of Selecting a Great Wedding Photographer


Comprehensive unlimited photography of all traditional wedding events including Formal and Informal event coverage in a natural blend of Formal, Candid and Photojournalistic styles*. Most popular styles of photography are available through our primary photographers and also through additional photographers that we bring in support of our main photographers along with our corporate photo booths.


In addition to our award winning color photography, Renn Photography is also fully capable of providing full or partial black and white photographic services. We also offer a great Color to Black & White conversion service for couples that just can’t decide on their level of commitment to black & white or color photography.

Also, many modern bridal albums contain one or more panoramic photographs. Prints that greatly add to the uniqueness of an already special album. Renn Photography gladly offers all in album and framed panoramic options.


Eleven year history of successful photography built on reputation and referrals.


We are a Full time studio, not part -time or employed elsewhere type studio. We put our livelihood on the line and insure this through consistent use of state of the art equipment and professional lab services with back-up, back-up and more back-up.


Pre and post wedding consultations, written questionnaire and a schedule of requested poses come with every package and even more extensive consultation is available through our Event Bridal Consultant or our Full Bridal Consultation Service**

On-site Professional Framing Services

On-site and Convenient Wedding Invitation Service click for more

Online availability and ordering

High Value

We are all about high value. We only use the highest quality professional labs, hand assembled albums, album packages, and wedding related products. We are premier invitation dealers for the three largest invitation companies, an ultimately offer only the highest quality photography available.


Custom priced and flexible packaging to fit any budget or desire is one of the cornerstones of our success. We prefer and invite all our clients to customize their particular wedding photography plan to fit their event. Nearly all plans are completely customizable in terms of time and products.


Our Brides and Grooms are of course the primary client, however, your families and friends are equally important to us. Our complete family catalog is designed to help your family and friends also select from our complete line of products.

Understanding the Nuances of a New Domain

So, you’ve registered your own domain name and now it’s time to pick a web hosting service. But where do you start? If you check the listings and ads, you’ll see services with monthly fees ranging from $3.95 to $395. Some hosting companies even offer to host your site for free, but you’ll have to let them slap ads on your page.

Most hosting and seo companies provide a range of services, starting with low-budget packages and moving up to more advanced, expensive features. Obviously, when you pick a hosting plan, you need to make sure it provides enough disk space for your site at a price within your budget. But what else should you watch for? At the very least, consider the following points.

When it comes to choosing a Web hosting provider, one of the most important factors to consider is the level of customer service provided. While you should obviously make sure you get the features you need, and of course a great price, you also need to be assured that the company you select will partner with you for the long haul and be there whenever you have questions or concerns—be it midday or midnight. Below are some recommendations and insights on how to assess a Web host’s level of customer service and choose the right provider for your short- and long-term business needs.

RACEWALK TRAINING — Tips to Creating a Training Plan

“Any road will get you there if you don’t know where you are going.” A large majority of people seem to follow this path when it comes to their health and fitness objectives. This includes a majority of walkers who train from week to week with no established racewalking goals. If they have goals, they lack a clear direction of how to achieve them. This may lead to frustration and disappointment. Unfortunately, many will never reach their full potential.

Racewalkers, just as runners, improve their walking by increasing their training levels. A training plan is a guide or map to achieve certain specific outcomes. It is an action plan. To develop a training plan is the most important step in achieving your racewalking goals.

The first step in developing a training plan for jump roping is to set explicit, challenging, realistic goals. Goals will be as varied as there are walkers. A goal may be one of health i.e., reduce hypertension, lose body fat; another may be to go a particular distance, or an event to finish; still others may be a specific race pace or finish time goal. Once you have established your primary long term goal(s), you want to set medium and short range goals which mark your path as you build towards the primary one. Remember, when setting your goals it is important to include a time frame for achievement. The outcome of a training plan is to develop a process that establishes a consistent, goal-oriented plan than will ensure racewalking success.
Training is based on a set of principles. Learn the principle, then look to find the tool. A carefully crafted training program details specific daily, weekly and monthly workouts to meet the objective. Training plans utilize the training principles of the hard / easy approach, and vary time, distance, intensity and terrain. The foundation of the training plan will include the components of:
Moderation: This means not going to extremes in any aspect of training.
Consistency: To consistently train at reasonable weekly levels.
Rest: Make time to repair and recover.

Each workout will have a purpose. Describe the quantity, length, intensity and rest intervals for each one. The training needs to be progressively increased as you become more fit. The components of a Racewalking fitness plan are:

  • Endurance
    •  Strength
    •  Flexibility
    •  Speed.
    •  Form

Endurance must be developed first. This is the base building portion of training. Walking aerobically strengthens the heart and increases the amount of blood pumped through the circulatory system. The amount of this depends on the event distance. Usually 50% of the training is in the endurance zone according to

Strength training is usually performed as hill training. Walking once a week, after the base building, on hills gives functional strength to the legs. Hills strengthen calves, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. This usually lasts 4 – 6 weeks.

Flexibility, also called mobility, determines the body’s range of motion. Mobility stretching exercises of the warm-up are designed to improve the athletes flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Speed training is not for everyone. But if you want to improve your performance, you need to continue to increase intensity. The primary outcome of speed work is to train the body how to Racewalk anaerobically (without oxygen). Speed work brings you to a peak of performance in preparation to racing. This usually lasts 4 – 8 weeks. Any longer than that increase the risk for injury or illness.

Form. Whether one is a beginner or veteran Racewalker form and technique work is on going and is included in the training plan, to avoid unnecessary injury or disappointment.
The goal determines the texture of the various components of the training plan. The more competitive the goal, the more important the training plan. Based on my experience the time frame of 20 -30 weeks is optimal to accomplish medium-range goals, from both a mental and physiological standpoint. Just as with Racewalking, a training plan is about basics. Remember the following:
• Set realistic goals
• Consistently build a mileage base
• Avoid the toos: too much too soon, too fast too soon, too far too soon.
• Train using the hard / easy approach, varying time, distance, intensity and terrain.
• To successfully compete in and finish racewalk events requires on-going walk form and technique work.
• Include warm up and cool down.

Mtracking offers two levels of web analytics solutions, Mtracking Analysis and Mtracking Enterprise

Mtracking offers two levels of web analytics solutions, Mtracking Analysis and Mtracking Enterprise, the best review generation software out there…

Mtracking Analysis
This web tracking solution offers a powerful analysis engine which tracks and monitors user behaviour on your site. It is a multifunctional system that provides you with an effective way of discovering (in realtime) the traffic through your site. It displays the geographic location of your visitors, marketing information including downloads, referrals, search engine activity plus browser information, pathway analysis, trends from month to month. Mtracking Analysis has an easy to use interface and reporting window which allows for detailed queries to be developed.

Mtracking Enterprise
A customised reporting solution that builds on Mtracking Analysis with the addition of a comprehensive array of additional personalised reporting tools. Mtracking Enterprise puts you in control by allowing you to run your own reports based on the way your business is structured. A suite of management summaries and drill-down data facilities are custom built in to each individual customers Mtracking Enterprise suite to empower the organisation with timely and relevant information relating to their own website and business structures.

Mtracking Enterprise also allows users to identify activity and read customer behaviour according to their own customer segments such as members, e-commerce customers, subscribers, legacy database information.

Spine Education

To ensure an adequate supply of competent nurse educators, the National League for Nursing strongly urges the nursing education community to engage in an immediate and focused effort to provide increased opportunities in graduate programs to prepare faculty and to provide greater support for faculty development activities. The National League for Nursing also strongly advocates that careers in nursing education be promoted vigorously to talented neophytes and experienced nurses who have already demonstrated nurse educator skills, and that funding to support the preparation of nurse educators and the development of the science of nursing education be increased significantly.

In light of the looming crisis in the supply of faculty to teach in schools of nursing, the time has come for the nursing profession to outline a preferred future for the preparation of nurse educators. This crisis must be used as an opportunity to recruit qualified individuals to the educator role, to ensure that these individuals are appropriately prepared for the responsibilities they will assume as faculty and staff development educators, and to implement strategies that will serve to retain a qualified nurse educator workforce.

The National League for Nursing asserts that the nurse educator role requires specialized preparation for assisting a Brooklyn spine surgeon and every individual engaged in the academic enterprise must be prepared to implement that role successfully. In addition, each academic unit in nursing must have a cadre of experts in nursing education who provide the leadership needed to advance nursing education, conduct pedagogical research, and contribute to the ongoing development of the science of nursing education.

Wedding Photographer Overview and Mission

Affordable Elegance…

Our photo booth FAQ has been providing Long Island with the highest quality photography for almost twenty years. Owned and operated by a professional photographer , we concentrate on only one wedding per day, yours.

We bring a style and expertise to each and every wedding. Our well-deserved reputation for uncompromising excellence is well known by the couples that have carefully entrusted him to capture the most precious moments of their lives on film.

Quality & Dependability…

We have been capturing timeless images for years. A master of lighting techniques, we utilize both natural and artificial light to stunning effect.

We rely upon the dependability of traditional medium-format film, and as many as 5 cameras and 4 flash systems are always on hand as back-up, so you can relax and enjoy your day with the utmost of confidence.

Our job doesn’t end on your special day…

You deserve to delight in every single moment of your wedding day, for generations to come. Only Image Makers can deliver this kind of quality, because we custom print each and every photograph (with the exception of proofs).

Every photograph we produce is cropped, dodged, and burned by hand, giving you the rich and vibrant image quality which is our trademark. And, of course, we only use the highest quality Kodak film and paper.

“We plan our day around your needs.”
Complete coverage starting at $1395.00 includes a bridal portrait, all proofs and negatives and 2 photographers on your special day.

Our style is a mix of candid as well as traditional photography. We shoot in both Color and Black & White. The package price also includes stops to photograph in locations if desired.

We only charge for travel over 50 miles. There is no fee for consultations and we will come to you for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Whether it is a family portrait, or a highly stylized photo we can capture the moment. Again I would like to emphasize our willingness to come to the client where they are most comfortable. We encourage the use of personal props to make the photo more exclusive to each client. We take our time and like to give clients the opportunity for variations within a photo session.
“Photography form people who truly love pets.”
We come to you to photograph your pets in their environment so it is less stressful for them and you. We are happy to shoot indoors or out.
To make it more personal you may also be included in several shots if you’d like.

This is just a little about me. I have a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and I have been doing the work for over ten years. I am originally from the State College area but have been living in Lancaster since the summer of 2001. We love the area and plan to make it our home.

My philosophy on photography is simple:
“This is a service that I provide to my clients, so what my clients want is most important. By working together with the client I can make memorable photos that they can treasure for a lifetime. This is why I believe that no photography session should be rushed.” Because of my beliefs I even come to my clients for consultations free of charge. I just love what I do and try to make that feeling come through in my work.

My rates are simple. Sitting fees are $50, and the Wedding packages start at $1395 and range as high as $2700. I am happy to work with clients by trying to customize a package to their needs. Feel free to call with any questions. I will be happy to try to help.

ith so much to think about and do, you can trust Martin Studios to capture all the special
moments of your wedding day with style, beauty, and expertise – from the more
formal portraiture to those spontaneous moments that make your
wedding day special.
Each package offers:
Full day wedding coverage with no time limits

Over 180 photographs for you to choose from

A hand-crafted 20 Page wedding album by Art leather

12 – 8×10 Photographs and 75 – 4×5 photographs
for you wedding album

Complete control over the layout of your album
On-line viewing and secure ordering of your
wedding prints via the Internet.

We also offer:
Black and White or Color reprints

Retouching and digital image enhancements

Thank you gifts from parents albums to gift
folios and enlargements

Recession And The State Of Marriages In The United States

According to the “Survey of Marital Generosity”, a report created by researchers at the University of Virginia, Americans without college degrees were affected the most by the recession and so were their marriages. The prolonged downturn in the economy also generated some positive aspects for some American married couples. The downturn has given some married couple the impetus to recommit to their relationship, and since the recession began the divorce rate has also fallen.

The survey found that the recession and the slow job market put financial stress on the marriages of 29 percent of those couples that participated in the study. Interestingly, the study also found that around one-third of married couples said the recession gave them a reason to work on improving their marriage and to save it from divorce. Over half of the married couples that cited the recession as their reason to improve their marriage reported being in “a very happy marriage.”

The study also found that nearly 40 percent of the married couples who were considering divorce put divorce off because of the recession. The statistic correlates with an overall drop in the number of divorces since the recession started. The explanation for the drop in the divorce rate is that couples cannot afford to hire attorneys and maintain the costs of two separate households.

Married couples that did not have college degrees were more likely to have experienced financial hardship. Over 30 percent of the married couples that were surveyed said they were anxious about the ability to pay bills often or nearly all the time. Nearly 1,200 married individuals ages 18 to 45 participated in the survey. Insurance headhunting companies thrive on situations like these, don’t fight them alone.